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Erste Gruppe (EG) was the first group formed within Stein Collectors International. From our creation in 1967, the chapter has included a diverse group of collectors of beer steins and related items. EG serves Central & Southern California and Nevada.
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Next meeting is on June 10 in Monterey Park. This annual steak cookout meeting is always fun and well attended by out of area guests as well as local members. In addition to eating, refreshments, and stein trading, there will be a presentation by Stein Collectors International (SCI) founder Tom McClelland. If you haven't received your invitation, contact the Webmaster.

The annual SCI Convention is coming soon (Aug 29 – Sept 3) in Chicago. For more information, click here: Chicago Convention or apply on-line here: Registration. Register soon and save $25.

April 2017 Kaiser Era Militaria Meeting

Host with Helmets
Our host showing members how to estimate age and identify the unit and other characteristics of a Pickelhaube.
Uniforms Other headgear
Photo on left shows complete uniforms for a soldier and policeman. A few other forms of headgear on display are on the right.
This meeting was all about German militaria. Out hosts collection of mid-19th century through World War I headgear and apparel were a delight for all. There's nothing like a personal tour from an expert in the field.

Other highlights of the militaria collection included an extensive collection of iron crosses, including several that had been awarded civilians and women. And, incidentally, he also has a fine collection of period glass military steins!

Host with Helmets
"The Great War" marked the end of the pickelhaube. Spikes were no match for exploding schrapnel over a trench and airmen were more interested in protection from the environment and possible crash survival.

February 2017 Stein Sale Frenzy

Beer Steins
Some steins offered at the meeting. See More Stein Photos Here

Stein sales at the February meeting were very lively, as expected, with our hosts making their entire collection of steins and related items available for sale. While socializing with beer, wine, and snacks, members and guests were permitted to pick any steins they were interested in buying, take them to a Master Steinologist for evaluation, and then negotiate a sale price with the hosts. A number of members left the meeting with boxes of steins and other collectibles.

The hosts then soothed our thinned wallets with a Mexican buffet and we concluded with a brief business meeting.

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